Mirror Biseau

  • Biseau Mirror-003 Biseau Mirror-003
  • Biseau Mirror-005 Biseau Mirror-005
  • Biseau Mirror-002 Biseau Mirror-002
  • Biseau Mirror-004 Biseau Mirror-004

Biseau Mirror is a wall mirror shaped, like a crescent moon, by a 5 axis CNC machined in France. Characterised by a sleek and elegant shape, Biseau Mirror can be positionned on the wall on 8 different holes forming a circle, by an angle difference of 45°. Perfect for hallway, living room, bedroom and bathroom, this statement wall mirror invites you to create different combinations by playing with angles and sizes

Design Sarah Rouselle, industrialization Pierre Cabrera

Black matt lacquered MDF

D 45 cm
6 Kg

Made in France

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