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Press release : Pure softness and emotion: HI-MACS® presents the ‘Tulip’ lamp designed by Pierre Cabrera

Like a graceful, fine and timeless flower of light, this HI-MACS® tulip-shaped lamp enhances emotion, technology and high-end materials.
The beauty and grace of the tulip have made this flower a symbol of sincere and powerful love. The English word “tulip” stems from Ottoman Turkish, meaning “muslin, gauze,” and also “turban.” This flower inspired Pierre Cabrera to create, ‘Tulip’ with the ultimate aim of offering a warm and intimate atmosphere through soft and indirect lighting.

Photo credits: ©Franck Foucha – Xavier Muyard

HI-MACS (solid surface)

‘Tulip’20, ‘Tulip’30: LED 2,5W –  240 lm – warm white
‘Tulip’40: LED 2,8W –  308 lm – warm white

‘Tulip’50: LED 9W –  806 lm – with remote control, warm white to cold white and RGB
‘Tulip’60: LED 13W –  1300 lm – with remote control, warm white to cold white and RGB
Can be also controlled by smartphone and tablet to create mood lighting (Bluetooth)
220-240V ~ 50/60Hz

‘Tulip’20 H 20 cm / ‘Tulip’30 H 26,5 cm / ‘Tulip’40 H 33,5 cm / ‘Tulip’50 H 45 cm / ‘Tulip’60 H 60 cm
460 g / 800 g / 980 g / 4,8 Kg / 7 Kg
Made by hand in France

Anglet : Jean Sablé
Bordeaux : AGORAMatière & Objet
Cannes : Design room
Chateauroux : CARPE DIEM
Grenoble : ANGLE DROIT
Illkirch-Graffenstaden : Lumières d’Alsace
Marseille : Studio19
Monaco : Sabrina Monté-Carlo
Paris : BARBIER Luminaires –  Talents
Pezenas : Maison des Métiers d’Art
Tarbes : Binoche
Toulouse : TRAIT mobilierMeubles Dauzats
Wolfisheim : id Design
St Jean de Luz : Meubles Paviot

Ajaccio : Casa di Lume

Genève : GREEN ART

Republic di San Marino
Serravalle : PIANETA LUCE in Design

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